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Aluminum foil food container standards
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1. Scope This standard specifies the technical conditions of aluminum foil food container. This standard applies to inspection and acceptance of aluminum foil food container. 2. References to provisions contained in the following standards, constitute provisions of the standard, in the use of this standard, the editions indicated were valid by this standard references. All standards are subject to revision, the standard parties should explore the possibility of using the latest version of the following standards. GB11333 aluminum food containers health standards GB3198 GB3614 industrial pure aluminum foil aluminum foil GB / T3199 aluminum and aluminum alloy products packaging, labeling, transportation, storage 3. Requirements 3.1 grade aluminum foil food container with aluminum foil, and the state of aluminum foil food container with aluminum foil grade, the state should be consistent with Table 1. Table 1 grade aluminum foil, state grade status 1070A, 1060,1050A, 1035,1145,1235,3A21 O, H22, H24, H18 3.2 thickness of aluminum foil food container aluminum material and tolerances thickness of aluminum foil food container with aluminum foil and allow deviation shall conform to Table 2. Table 2 thickness and thickness tolerance, mm tolerance 0.012,0.015,0.020,0.06 ~ 0.1 ± 10% 3,3 foil food container with aluminum foil mechanical properties shall conform to GB3198 or GB3614 3, 4 product range and size according to user requirements 3,5 hygienic conditions: aluminum foil food containers shall comply with GB11333 standard 3,6 product must not have greasy, dirt and other marks. 3,7 exterior appearance of the product to be structured, the surrounding should be no glitches, curling neat, flat bottom should be smooth without creases, the product should be no adhesive, easy separation. 4. The test methods of execution according to GB3198 provisions aluminum foil. 5, inspection and acceptance by 5,1 foil food container supplier and technology supervision department checks to ensure product quality and meet the requirements of this standard, and fill in the quality certificate. 5,2 test items foil food containers shall be visually examined, other projects to conduct random checks based on user requirements. 6, packaging, labeling, transportation, storage 6,1 foil food containers cartons, each containing 10 bags, each bag should have the following sign on a 100 6,2 box. Product Name (Code) b. Number c. Lot d. according to user requirements determine whether the production date and supplier's name logo 6,3 transport and storage shall comply with the provisions of GB / T3199 should be accompanied by the quality of each batch of products conforming to this standard specification.