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Four use aluminum foil
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1、the air-conditioning foil

    Air-conditioning foil manufacturing air conditioner heat exchanger fin special information, early use of air-conditioning foil is a prime foil. In order to improve performance factors outer foil, prior to formation of an organic coating is coated with anticorrosive and hydrophilic inorganic coating, a hydrophilic foil. The current account hydrophilic foil foil air conditioning & 1% of the total, the proportion of its use will be further progress. Else there is a hydrophobic foil, so that the outer fin having a hydrophobic function, to avoid the buildup of condensate. Because the hydrophobic nature of the foil to improve the appearance of the defrost skills to be further discussions, the current practice of producing very little.

    Air-conditioning foil thickness of 0.1mm ~ 0.15mm. Along with the skills to carry out, air-conditioning foil further thinning trend, Japan is now the leading product thickness of 0.09mm. In thin state, the aluminum foil to have a good formability, its arrangement and performance necessary uniform metallurgical defects less, small anisotropy, together with the required high strength, good ductility, uniform thickness, good flatness. Standard air conditioning and alloy foil relatively simple, appropriate scale production, but its seasonal mall, on a professional production factory air-conditioning foil, difficult to handle peak demand outstrips supply and cold season is simply no need for conflict.

    Because the mall needs a weak femoral artery, in recent years, Chinese production capacity and skill level advances air conditioning foil, is now a medium and small, low-high air-conditioning foil production company groups, some large companies such as North aluminum, Bohai Aluminum product quality simply has reached the world advanced level. Because of excess domestic production capacity, market competition is intense.

2、cigarette packaging foils

    China is the world's largest cigarette production and spending big country, China has 146 large current cigarette factory, the total annual output of 34 million big box of cigarettes, cigarette foil packaging simply have chosen, the choice of 30 percent during spraying the foil, 70% choose calender aluminum foil, aluminum foil rolling consumption of 35,000 tons, as well as to enhance the impact of imported cigarettes, cigarette foil, add the requirement to follow a healthy understanding of citizenship significantly slowed slightly in recent years, is estimated to add. China accounted for 70 percent of cigarette packaging foil, double zero foil total, currently the country has two or three companies can produce high quality tobacco foil, appropriate skill level and world level, but the overall quality of the domestic cigarette foils have a certain distance with the world standards.

3、decorated with foil

    Aluminum foil is the result of renovation - decoration plastic composite materials used in a manner, the use of aluminum foil, good color, high reflectivity characteristics of light and heat. Mainly used for the construction, furniture decoration and part of the gift box. Foil decoration in China is built using industry from the beginning of the 1990s, quickly extending from the center of the city of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other parts of the country in recent years, adding dramatic requirements, usually as the inner walls of buildings and indoor furniture decoration materials in commercial establishments facade and interior decoration is also widely used.

    Decoration foil insulation, sound insulation, fire protection and easy to clean, etc., and the appearance of luxury, processing facilities, construction equipment fast. China's current construction, home improvement industry has formed a fitting foil using boom. Followed by China's rapid development and the construction industry, the growing popularity of the foil used in the decoration, decoration foil requirement will have a significant added. In addition, the choice of decoration foil wrapping gifts in a foreign country is very popular in recent years in China to carry out fast, it is estimated there will be a better prospect.

4、cable foil

    After the cable foil is used aluminum foil sealed and barrier properties, on one or both sides coated plastic film, aluminum foil, plastic composite composed of #, is used as the cable shield. Cable foil with oil less need look no holes, with high mechanical properties, the overall quality need not high, but the length of the need for extremely severe.

    Currently, the leading cold rolling mill, rolling mill and foil roughing mill Almighty can produce, but the mall poor growth, annual domestic requirement of 2.5 million tons.