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Aluminum foil Introduction
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    Aluminum foil (Aluminium foil), also for aluminum foil, tin foil called in Hong Kong, is a tool used to flatten the aluminum manufacturing, mainly used in the kitchen cooking, holding food, or can be used to make some simple cleaning materials. Thousands of tons of aluminum foil is used around the world to protect and packaged foods, cosmetics and chemicals. Most of the aluminum foil shiny side, the other side of the gray dumb. The double-sided aluminum foil food Jieke food parcels, parcels bright side is generally recommended to improve heat conduction effect.


    The original tin foil is really made, aluminum foil is relatively hard, also brought a tin taste in food, after it was later reduced aluminum, aluminum foil replaced appear in everyday life. However, because aluminum can affect brain development, so the current will be coated with aluminum foil surface coating to prevent the release of aluminum.


    Aluminum foil, contained commonly used for food (such as: aluminum foil tray), when used in barbecue wrapped in bean sprouts, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. For grilling to avoid burning them. Sometimes used as decoration. Modern aluminum foil is made of aluminum, aluminum can be used as electrodes for electrolysis. There is also a hair stylist with aluminum foil for guests perm. It was also absorb oil soup with foil. Aluminium foil is also widely used in the isolation layer, heat exchange, and used as a conductor. Typically used as a wrap beverage packaging, food packaging bags of aluminum foil thickness of only 6.5 microns. This thin layer of aluminum can be waterproof, keep the flavor, bacteria and stain.